5 Ways to Engage your Partners on Black Friday

November 29, 2018
Company Tips

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are chaotic — but they’re also an opportunity to generate some serious sales. Here are a few ways to make your business stand out on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

1. You snooze, you win

Instead of forcing customers to line up for hours, offer your partners an opportunity to invite people to ‘snooze’ on your sale. Setting up an online promo code and giving partners the opportunity to share that code will drive more traffic to your store, without the drudge, long lines, or wait times.

For Example:

“Hey John,

Tired of the stress of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Us too.

To thank you for being part of our partner program, we’re running an exclusive promotion for those you refer! Everyone you send this promo code to: PROMO CODE - will get access to our Cyber Monday deals early.

That means, everyone that uses your code gets early access to our deals from the comfort of their own homes.

No lines. Just savings.”

This campaign reminds your partners about your upcoming sale while giving them something extra to offer to the people they promote your products to!

2. Reward your social media shouters

Let’s face it, social media is a great way to get your brand links out there. Send out a campaign to incentivize partners to share their links around Cyber Monday. Pre-write a shareable caption, and send out an email campaign outlining your reward!

Example: Share your link on social, enjoy a coffee on us!

“Dear Tony,

Cyber Monday’s coming up fast. Not only are we offering 20% off select plans, but we’re also offering you a special reward!

Share your link on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and we’ll send you a $5 bonus! (This weekend only!)

Tag @CompanyName in your post or share the following message: @CompanyName is having an insane sale on socks this weekend, check it out!

Not only will this get your users amped up about your sale, but it’ll give them a quick reminder to send out their links before it’s too late!

Best part? Since they’re already your partners — sending out their link will likely result in more sales for you, and more rewards for them. That's a win-win!

3. Incentivize partners to spend

Partners are a great way to promote your business to other people, but they’re also a advocates of your products! Odds are your partners have already purchased or are interested in your product. Try offering your partners an exclusive offer to buy your product for a limited time.

Not only will this get them to check out your site on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, but it’ll also increase the likelihood they’re spend or share their links.

Pro-tip: it doesn’t have to be a big incentive, just make sure it’s exclusive to them!

4. Extend your sale

We already know people don’t like waiting in line, but have you thought about giving extra time? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are stressful, let your partners offer an exclusive extended sale to their networks.

The worst part about Black Friday weekend is thinking you’ve lost out on a deal; so give your partners the opportunity to be a hero to their community. Send out a campaign that lets your partners promote your sale to a select few! Not only will this improve your partner conversion, but you’ll also generate more sales and shares.

5. Try something a little extra

Not sure about extending or offering early access to your sale? No problem. Try making your partners feel special in other ways. Send out a campaign with a bonus to the top referrers that weekend.


“The top three partners this weekend will receive a $100 bonus.”

By offering a leaderboard challenge, companies can push partners to remember to share their code without worrying about going over their budget. The bonuses are fixed to the top three partners, therefore its much easier to predict ROI.

Communicating with your partners is key to a strong partner program. If you know your company is going to have a big sale or needs a little boost, why not try offering something special to your partners? Your partners are some of your biggest advocates and have a ton of influence over future sales — reward them for driving traffic, pushing sales, and participating in challenges.

Not sure where to start? Try using your campaign editor or email campaign provider. For PartnerStack users, you can simply log into your dashboard and send out a quick email educating your partners about your upcoming sales.

Don’t have a partner program of your own? Try starting one for free on PartnerStack! Easily reward, track, and manage your partners while boosting sales!

Have any questions? Shoot us a message

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