Bringing a Healthy Balance to Customer Success

November 29, 2018

Tell me a little bit about yourself

Graduated from York under health and society. Health has become one of my passions actually so much that in my free-time, I have an Instagram page that dedicates to posting healthy meals. Outside of that, I’m a freelance blogger.

Tell me more about your blog

I decided to launch a blog as a creative outlet 2 years ago, I talk about style; recipes; and anything in-between. It started off as something for fun, now it’s a great pass-time to keep me going and expressive outside of work.

What was your previous experience at UberEATS?

Uber gave me my first experience working at a technology company. That in itself was a shift for me as my career was predominately in customer-facing roles.I got the chance to be apart of history launching UberEATS (restaurant delivery) in downtown Toronto. My role in customer support started with email support, into phone support and finally sales which enabled me to get an all-around approach to UberEATS. 

How can you take your experience at UberEATS and apply it here?

I learned a lot of the skills I apply here at PartnerStack now working in Customer Success. I developed a better understanding of how to respond to tickets by properly identifying customers needs and responding accordingly while being on the phones with customers refined my verbal skills. My time there really highlighted how important the customer success role is because I am essentially the face of the company. It’s my job to represent the image/brand of the company even in my brief interactions with customers.  Lastly, what Uber prepared me for was the hustle and bustle of tech companies and how to become more adaptable to a changing work environment.   

What's something exciting you're working on or planning to work on?

I'm excited to work on building out new features for PartnerStack. I think the PartnerStack Academy is exactly what we were missing and building it from the ground up is reminiscent of the way I felt being apart of the UberEATS team. There's a level of satisfaction I get to know that the work being put in now will improve customer satisfaction and help the business grow in the long run.Also excited to help build new features that our customers will find resourceful and help strengthen the relationship between PartnerStack and customers. I can’t wait to see how things progress and what new ideas come up along the way.

Why PartnerStack?

I was looking for a job where my opinions and values were recognized and encouraged. Company culture is a really important aspect to me in a workplace. In a sense, it's a gift that keeps giving because once you have happy employees it's extremely easy to build a great company.  I wanted to be apart of a smart motivated team who is like-minded and driven. I also want to utilize my skills and challenge myself. I'd say that so far, even within my short time here, I've been able to experience all three and learn a lot in between.

What do you think you bring to the team?

I bring my customer service skills, my sales skills, people skills, and interpersonal skills — the service-oriented skill set. Beyond that, my personality makes me unique. I’m observant, inquisitive and determined. I’m always looking to improve myself and build upon existing skills - so I find that my tenacity in addition to my work ethic is well suited for PartnerStack and the Customer Success role.

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