GrowSumo Changes Name to PartnerStack

Press Release: GrowSumo changes its name to PartnerStack.
Jamie Rubenovitch
Jamie Rubenovitch
November 1, 2018
GrowSumo Changes Name to PartnerStack

GrowSumo Changes Name to PartnerStack

Toronto, ON, November 1 - GrowSumo is changing its name to PartnerStack on November 5th to better reflect the significant challenge they solve - consolidating partner marketing into one solution ‘stack’ that helps companies leverage a variety of partnerships to grow revenue, increase distribution, and go to market quickly and more efficiently.

Today, 100 million businesses turn to reseller partners each year to source software. Large companies like IBM, Intel, Cisco, and Microsoft generate more than 80% of their revenue through partner marketing. The fastest growing software companies in the world are increasingly turning to partner marketing to get in front of customers they currently can’t reach and get to market faster.

PartnerStack lets companies leverage partnerships to accelerate their growth. Companies listed in PartnerStack's marketplace can connect with more than 150,000 partners. These partners excel at selling and have their own sales networks - allowing companies to expand their reach and quickly get in front of hard to reach customers.

Until now, partner marketing has been almost impossible for most companies to manage, which is why large organizations have owned this powerful distribution channel. PartnerStack changes that by simplifying partner marketing so much so that companies like Asana, Drift, and Intuit are actually importing existing partners and managing them directly from PartnerStack’s platform.

Bryn Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of PartnerStack, stated: “I’m really excited about our new name. In the 3 years since graduating from Y Combinator, we’ve taken the time to truly identify our customers’ needs, and the name PartnerStack now reflects what we do and the value we add: enabling companies to open new sales channels that never before existed and manage their entire partner stack from one platform. I'm also extremely proud of our marketplace which is connecting partners with companies, similar to what LinkedIn does for professional relationships.”

Ty Lingley, Unbounce’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, said “Setting up a successful partner marketing program has been on my mind for a while. I’m really excited that we’ve started working with PartnerStack and look forward to transforming our business model and growing revenue. GrowSumo was a fun name, but I think their new name sets the tone for the important work we’re accomplishing.”

Chris Small, Soundstripe’s VP Marketing, commented: “PartnerStack has been a crucial part of Soundstripe’s growth strategy. We chose them because we needed a flexible and scalable solution to work with our network of partners as we grew, and they delivered. From the 1,000+ new partners to the 40x return on investment, we’re big fans.”

About PartnerStack

PartnerStack (formerly GrowSumo) enables companies to leverage partnerships in order to grow revenue, increase distribution, and go to market quicker and more efficiently. The fastest growing software companies in the world like Asana, Drift, Freshworks and Intuit use PartnerStack to power their reseller, marketing, and referral partner programs.


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Jamie Rubenovitch

Jamie Rubenovitch

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