4 Reasons You Need an Automated Partner Marketing Program

November 29, 2018
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Managing and organizing your partner marketing program can be an exhilarating process, but it can also get hectic. Like so many other large projects, having to manually handle all of the moving parts is something that can get away from you. Obviously you have your partner marketing program in place for a reason - growth! Trust me when I say, if you’re not using a software platform to help you automate and organize all of that growth, you just won't see the same success. In this article, I'll talk about exactly why you need an automated partner marketing program. You don’t want to miss out on new distribution channels, sales and revenue, right?

The opportunities are endless with an automated partner marketing tool (especially the right one). Think of opportunities like expanded brand recognition, increased revenue potential, added credibility for your brand (and you), expanded functionality...and of course increased revenue potential. If you're new to partner marketing, check this out first to get started, 5 Steps to Preparing for Your 1st Partner Marketing Program.

1) Multi-Channel Program Management

A vital part of growing a partner marketing programs is being able to create and manage multiple segments (ambassadors, resellers, etc). The key here is being able to manage all of your segments in one centralized tool or dashboard - this is where so many fall short. Positioning yourself for growth is the most important aspect of scaling at an accelerated rate, so think about this from the start of your venture into partner programs so you're not playing catch up down the line with dollars and resources already invested in the wrong tool. Do the initial research to find a tool that will let you manage all of your channels easily and efficiently.

2) Access to Success Tools

Being able to offer your partners access to sales and marketing materials really sets them up for success, and it also sets you apart from the rest. Think back to when you started a new job; those companies that provided you with an abundance of tools to learn from during the onboarding process are the ones that made you feel appreciated, as though they were invested in you and your success. Employers that just through you into the mix with limited supporting information are ultimately setting you up to fail. Don’t make that mistake with your partners. You want them to be the most successful for you! Don’t let them fall short - give them the best, and they’ll deliver the best.

3) In-Depth Analytics

You probably already have a process in place to measure and analyze your campaigns. Imagine not having to run those reports and gather the data on your own? Think of the time you would have back. You need to be able to quickly and simply analyze your partners' performance - individually and in aggregate by program. This will help you navigate the channels that are succeeding and drive them further, but also take an analytical look at those that need improvements, earlier than later. Being proactive versus reactive is a truly a key to success, and a trick the pro's have nailed. An automated partner marketing program will help you catch partners and programs that need to further optimization before your partners get frustrated and check out.

4)  Program Automation Tools

How can you set yourself apart from the pack? Engage your partners with marketing automation tools. Making their lives easier is really a no-brainer. You want this to be the most successful and efficient part of your marketing, right?  Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to produce and supply tools to help move the process along? 

If you want to grow your partner marketing efforts, look for an automated, scalable program that's going to take all of the heavy lifting off your shoulders (while still giving you the recognition you deserve for increasing revenue!). Partner marketing can and should be a growing and sustainable process. Implement the right automated partner marketing program to help you grow and scale appropriately, and you’ll be the talk of the board room!

Bryn Jones

CEO, Co-Founder at PartnerStack

PartnerStack is all about SaaS partnerships
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